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Greeting of the KAPA's President
I am glad to greet you on our homepage.

The Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA), founded in 1956 as the beginning of public administration research in Korea, is an academic community with more than 1,800 members. KAPA conducts research on various public related topics, such as organizations (e.g. central/local governments, public agencies, NGOs/NPOs, etc.), citizen participation, policy process, and so on. KAPA quarterly publishes two journals: ‘the Korean Public Administration Review’ (an excellent journal acknowledged by the National Research Foundation of Korea) and ‘the International Review of Public Administration’ (listed on the SCOPUS). KAPA also hosts large-scale academic conferences every summer and winter, and hosts seminars on current public issues from time to time.

In recent years, the number of practical researches suggesting concrete solutions for social problems and the number of activities to spread the results of such researches both inside and outside governments have greatly increased. Over the past decade, the academical status of KAPA has been enhanced by various activities of the executive members of KAPA, which has been allowing active exchange and cooperation with other public administration research communities in North America, Europe and East Asia.

This year, we will focus our discussion on “the role and responsibility of administration” in the pursuit of “inclusive society and sustainable development” in order to resolve various issues and conflicts in our differentiated and diversified society. In the process, we will endeavor to emphasize public education, public service value, public service ethics, and public education contents in the public office. And we will share these values with civil society. In particular, we will strengthen cooperation with foreign academic organizations to strengthen international leadership in administrative research. Please pay close attention and share your interest and encouragement for the continued development of the Korean Academy of Public Administration!

Thank you.

January, 2021

Soon-Ae Park
56th President of Korean Association for Public Administration
Secretariat of KAPA
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